Resources to provide an overview of the process and other key elements of Think | BIG

Behavior Integration and Think | BIG (PDF)

ACCELERATE Project Description for Partners (PDF)

ACCELERATE Project Description for USAID Missions (PDF)

Using Think | BIG to Develop a Strategy (PDF)

List of Select Health Behaviors and Behavioral Outcome Indicators (PDF)

List of Select Health Behaviors, Steps, and Behavioral Outcome Indicators (PDF)

Website Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Behavior Integration (Video)

Behavior Integration Video, with English Subtitles (Video)

Behavior Integration Video, with Portugese Subtitles (Video)

Download ThinkBig Game (52MB)

Focus and Analyze

Resources to help focus on identifying and analyzing key behaviors that impact the desired goal and delineate the pathways for change

Design and Manage

Resources to help guide the use of Think | BIG for strategy development, program and activity design, and activity management

Track and Adapt 

Resources to track progress on behavioral outcomes and to assess and adapt programs over time
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