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Focus and Analyze has five tools that will help you get started on your development targets, by addressing this phase’s three core goals: identify, prioritize, and analyze.

Tools can be found in online and/or offline versions. 

Click on each tool description to learn more or click on the direct link(s) to access the tool or see the full list of descriptions now.

To use the online tools, you will need to set up a FREE account so that your work can be saved and to create or join a Work Area.

Contact us if you need any help using the tools or have any questions!

Tool: Establish Goals and Causes

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Found: online instructions - offline PDF

Set the foundation for your program - your goal.   Also start the priority behavior selection process: identify causes inhibiting your goal that your priority behaviors will help overcome. 

Tool: Behavior Prioritization

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Found: online tool offline PDF

Pick just the right behaviors to encourage in your program - your priority behaviors. 

Tool: Behavior Profile Creation

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Found: online tooloffline PDF

Develop your pathways to change using a step-by-step process that helps you use your evidence effectively to make decisions.

Tool: Establish Behavioral and Factor-Level Outcome Indicators

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Found: offline PDF

Easy to follow instructions to determine your program’s indicators - how you plan to measure success. 

Tool: Ideas Library

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Found: online library

Build from solutions others have used.  Search open-source ideas on how to address critical factors that might affect your program.