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Track and Adapt has five tools that will help you measure your success and finetune activities as needed, by addressing this phase’s three core goals: set, track, and adapt.

Tools are accessible online and/or via offline guides. 

Click on each tool description to learn more or click on the direct link(s) to access the tool or see a full list of descriptions now.

To use the online tools, you will need to set up a FREE account so that your work can be saved and to create or join a Work Area.

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Tool: Set Targets

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Set reasonable behavior outcomes.  Use indicators from your priority behaviors and compare to where you are now.  Identify what percentage changes have been seen, what is reasonable in your program timeframe, and see data in trend lines and heat maps.

[You can set factor-level outcome targets in the Factor Data Dashboard.] 

Tool: Behavior Data Dasboard

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See your results in an interactive platform.  Track changes based on custom or existing data at the national and sub-national levels (depending on data available) through trend lines and heat maps.

Tool: Factor Data Dashboard

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Set targets for changes in your factors. Track progress via trend lines, heat maps, and directly in the Behavior Profile along your pathways to change (based on indicators you define in the Behavior Profile or using the Custom Data Entry tool).

Tool: Custom Data Entry

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Take your data decision making and monitoring to the next level.   Enter your own data, set new or additional indicators for both behavior and factor-level outcomes, and show progress directly in the tool or on the dashboards with trend lines and heat maps. 

Tool: Adaptive Management Guidance

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Instructions on what, why, when, and how to adapt your program activities based on ongoing program tracking.