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The Think | BIG Ideas Library is full of examples of work that has successfully addressed or leveraged one or more critical factors required to enable behavior change. Explore these ideas to help spark thinking on how to address the same critical factors in your own context.




The primary actor's opportunity to practice the behavior given external, usually physical constraints

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provider speaking with pregnant woman

Service Provider Competencies

The primary actor's perception of the competency of those providing the service Note: This is only applicable if the primary actor uses a service. If the service provider (e.g. a health worker, government employee, business) is the primary actor, their competencies should be considered under "Skills".

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women in hospital

Service Experience

The primary actor's perception of their overall experience with structural aspects such as infrastructure, equipment, and response time when receiving the service

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mother and child

Family and Community Support

Proactive or passive help, encouragement or attitudes toward a behavior by family members, peers, colleagues, or others in the community at large

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Two mothers waiting for care


The specific influence of gender dynamics or relationships on the practice of a behavior

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Men at a mosque


The acceptability and standards for practice of a behavior dictated by religious, cultural, or other social networks, including workplace norms

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smiling child

Attitudes and Beliefs

The primary actor's personal judgment, feeling or emotion towards a behavior

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mother and child


The primary actor's personal
confidence in their ability to exert control over successfully practicing a behavior Note: This factor may not be applicable in many cases beyond health.

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two women reading


The required information the primary actor's has to complete a set of actions or practice a behavior completely and competently

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Two women looking at a mobile phone


The primary actor's ability to perform a set of tasks required to practice the behavior

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