Goal 1:  Identify

Step 1: Identify your program goal and find out what stops the goal from getting done

TEAM TASK: Set your goal, gather existing research on causes, and sort out a list of possible causes stopping you from achieving your desired goal.

Step Outputs:

  1. Goal statement
  2. Causes list

Tool Needed: Establish Goal and Causes – descriptionoffline PDF

Goal 2:  Prioritize

Step 2: Pick out the behaviors that matter most to making the goal happen

TEAM TASK: Reviewing your causes, brainstorm with your team “who needs to do what” to reduce what’s stopping you from getting your goal done.

Step Output: Core behaviors list

Tool Needed: Behavior Prioritization – descriptiononline – offline PDF 

Step 3: Prioritize behaviors to recognize primary actors and actions

TEAM TASK: Reduce your core behaviors until you have landed on priority behaviors that will help you achieve your goal.

Step Output: List of priority behaviors

Tool Needed: Behavior Prioritization – descriptiononline – offline PDF 

Goal 3:  Analyze

Step 4: Analyze factors preventing/supporting uptake, supporting actors, and strategy options for behaviors

TEAM TASK: Develop your program’s Behavior Profiles to thoroughly analyze and understand your primary actors and other program issues.

Step Outputs: Behavior Profiles

Tools Needed:

  1. Behavior Profile Creation – descriptiononline – offline PDF
  2. Ideas Library – descriptiononline library

Step 5: Think about how to measure priority behaviors and most important factors

TEAM TASK: Draft behavior outcome indicators for your priority behaviors and factor-level outcome indicators for your critical factors. 

Step Outputs:

  1. Draft behavior outcome indicators
  2. Draft critical factor-level outcome indicators

Tool Needed: Establish Behavioral and Factor-level Outcome Indicators – descriptionoffline PDF

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