Phase 3: Track and Adapt Goals

The final phase of behavior integration you will use to achieve your social and behavior change goals helps you address setbacks and hit your targets.

We have identified three priority goals that ensure you know what “success” looks like and that you get there.

Moving through the steps to achieve each goal (guided by targeted tools), you will get clear on:

  • what “successful” behavior change looks like,
  • which data to track, and
  • when and what program tweaks to make to sustain impact.

The three main goals of the Track and Adapt phase of the Think | BIG process are to set, track, and adapt.

Let’s take a closer look at all of the last three goals.

7. SET

The first goal of Track and Adapt is to set your success targets:

  • What behavioral outcomes do you want to see?
  • How much behavior change?
  • What factor-level outcomes do you hope for – how many will change and by how much?

You need to know if you are succeeding, and your outcome indicators will help you do just that.

To achieve this goal, you will learn the present uptake of behaviors and the current “knowns” about your factors (both qualitatively and quantitatively, when possible).

Though most programs or approaches set targets for success, they usually focus on things they can count:  How many trainings did they conduct.  Was there a gender balance.  How many toilets were built.  Counting items is useful and necessary for evaluating programs. But it’s not enough.

BIG keeps you focused on behaviors, even in your program measures.  It takes you to the next level of measurement, where we often fear to go – how much behavior change have you seen?  BIG tells you how to set clear targets for measuring that core change.


The second goal under Track and Adapt is to know how to track your behavioral and factor-level outcomes…and do it!

Re-examining your indicators to be sure they are measurable is crucial because nothing about behavior change is static.  You will continually need to discuss ways to measure your outcomes.

To achieve this goal, you will move forward on the targets you created (from set), refine your measuring methods, and track your outcomes.

BIG offers a behavior data dashboard that is updated regularly with data from the Demographic Health Survey (for health data around 25 high impact health behaviors).  If any of those are your priority behaviors, you already have access to a base of needed tracking data.

If health behaviors don’t fit your program (democracy and governance, education, etc. …we see you!), no problem.  The system comes with the flexibility to input your own data.  BIG also offers a factor data dashboard so you can input data around the indicators that you already set (in Phase 1 Focus and Analyze, in Step 5) and track those as well.

You’ll be ahead of the game on tracking your behavior and factor-level outcomes because BIG sets up what is needed for you in advance.  You just need to show up, input, and track.


The third goal in Track and Adapt helps you consider what is working and what is not and adapt your programming to finish strong.

You will figure out how you might make periodic changes to your program – small changes or big changes – depending on what your tracking evidence shows you.

To achieve this goal, you will examine your program data (from track) to decide where you can improve on program activities to better reach your desired goal.

Here is where BIG really pulls out all the stops!  You are in the driver’s seat and Think | BIG is the best navigation tool you have.

There is an easy-to-use Custom Data Entry tool that lets you control your data – how it is seen, how it is compared, what it covers.  With this data you can, on an ongoing basis, adapt your work plan by evaluating your country-specific outcome data.  That is data that is unique to your program, and to your priority behaviors, and can stimulate smart choices all the way through the completion of your program.

Finish this goal and you are done! Savor your success.  And get ready to take on a new goal and run the Think | BIG process again like a pro.  We’ll be cheering for you and ready to help.

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